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The Pulse of Digital in Business Web Event With Doyle Buehler - December 2020
From Data Comes Decisions.

"Signals, gaps, delta, pulse" - it all tells a unique story of what is happening and what you can do.

Digital is big, confusing and chaotic; how do we break it down and make it far easier for business to strategize, navigate and implement?

In this annual web event, we'll review:
- Look back at 2020 - statistics, highlights and changes we've seen with COVID-19 & the economy
- Look forward at 2021 trends that will affect you
- Tips & tricks for owning your digital assets in 2021
- What's important to get your digital straightened out
- The art of selling more online
- How to move forward into 2021 in the digital economy

You need to attend this web event if you are wanting to make your digital strategy and digital marketing easier, more efficient, and more effective for your business.

Join at your LOCAL TIME zone

TUESDAY 15 Dec [North America]
Los Angeles/Vancouver - 6pm
New York/Toronto - 9pm

WEDNESDAY 16 Dec [Asia, Australia, NZ]
Perth/Singapore - 10am
Brisbane - 12pm
Sydney/Melbourne - 1pm
Auckland - 3pm

These are "no-pitch", live learning web events and are not pre-recorded.

Limited to 50 guests per session.

If you're looking to build a business that is future-proofed and built to last in today's hyper-competitive world, then you need to find out what will be affecting it, and how you can create strategies going forward.

In this web learning event, I will show you the critical digital strategies that you can use to increase your sales and leads, and start your path to creating your breakthrough in your industry.

Ready to put your best business forward?

See you online!


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