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Deep learning in Construction - Learn how deep learning empowers teams to solve problems and improve project performance.
Do you understand when and how to apply deep learning algorithms to your available data? Do you know the difference between classical machine learning and deep learning? Lastly, are you confident that your data is suitable for machine learning projects?

If you’re trying to understand how to use machine learning to your advantage and optimize project performance, you’re not alone!

The rate at which technology has advanced in the past couple of years has allowed the public to use both machine learning and deep learning algorithms with reduced bottlenecks. However, due to this technology “eruption,” unrealistic expectations have developed when utilizing machine learning to improve project performance. One such expectation is that project performance will improve by randomly applying these algorithms to project data, which is often an unrealistic goal. Furthermore, organizations must consider the design of the machine learning and deep learning algorithms to implement a machine learning solution to an industry-based problem successfully.

This webinar will explore the similarities and differences between classical machine learning and deep learning. Further, it will help organizations decide if the data collected is feasible for machine learning and their project problem. Lastly, this webinar will discuss real-life construction-based issues that optimize machine learning usage.

Attendees of this webinar will learn the following:

• Understand when to use classical machine learning vs. deep learning.
• Identify if an organization’s data is feasible for the proposed project problem .
• Correctly identify a business problem where machine or deep learning methodologies can be applied to improve outcomes.
• Learn strategies and tactics to leverage machine and deep learning to produce measurable project improvements.

Oct 5, 2022 10:00 AM in Edmonton

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