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“The Economic Payoffs of Infrastructure Investment” | Sponsored by The Frontier
Join Hank Torbert, Founder at The Frontier, as he moderates this interesting panel discussion highlighting opportunities to modernize infrastructure in the US.

Amid ambitious proposals and heated debates, the cost of infrastructure investment is being addressed from a variety of different viewpoints, many of which are arguing either for or against the ambitious spending plan based on economic impact. While part of the argument for the plan is near term job creation, part of the argument against the plan is the increase in taxes associated with paying for the improvements. This panel will address what is often lost in this discussion - the longer-term impact on the competitiveness of the economy resulting from Infrastructure modernization.

* Brenna Berman, CEO at City Tech Collaborative
* Chris Bonanti, Senior Partner & GM, Strategic Advisory Services at RWVS
* Chris Rezendes, Chief Business Officer at Spherical Analytics
* Max Wolff, CEO at Systematic Ventures

* Hank Torbert, Founder at The Frontier


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