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Free Online Summit: ITAM Review Cloud Technology Summit
Join Rich Gibbons from the ITAM Review and sponsors on Thursday 24th June 2021 at 2pm BST.

Cloud usage is continuing to grow – and so too is the opportunity for ITAM professionals to get involved and make some significant savings, changes, and impressions within organisations. Businesses the world over have adopted cloud as a key part of their strategy to transform, grow, and succeed and so ITAM must also look to, and embrace, the cloud. 

Why cloud? 

Although not a new subject, cloud technology is constantly changing and evolving – meaning ITAM professionals must ensure that they are aware of new risks and opportunities. The level of wasted spend in the public cloud remains high while the occurrence of security breaches is increasing, meaning cloud remains at the top of CIO priority lists.  

Discussion topics include:

Cloud cost management 
Cloud licensing rules – and their differences 
How to inventory the cloud & containers 
Open Source in the cloud 
Cloud security issues 
Emerging cloud technologies 
Vendor cloud strategies 
Cloud and sustainability 
Stakeholder engagement 
Cross-functional working 
ITAM & the Cloud Centre of Excellence 
Cloud and Digital Transformation 
Agile IT – the speed of cloud 

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