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Workshop – Financial modelling for investment appraisals (3,5h)
Workshop agenda
Participants take active part in the workshop and are guided by a tutor in performing all calculations. Invest for Excel® software is used for solving practical case studies.

- Creating an investment model step-by-step
- Focus on Capital Expenditures and depreciation methods
- Modelling incomes and costs
- Working capital analysis
- Cash-flow statement
- Balance sheet analysis
- Profitability analysis, including NPV, IRR, MIRR, Payback, RONA, EVA, DCVA.
- Sensitivity analysis; What-if analysis, Spider chart, Tornado chart
- Finding break-even
- Charts and reports
- Different scenarios
- Comparison techniques
- Investments consolidation
- Margin calculation - Showing a difference between the status quo and after an investment takes place
- Creation of investment proposal
- Financing requirements
- You will learn the differences in evaluating a new investment vs. a re-investment

In summary, you will learn how to create investment models and how to analyse them by using Invest for Excel® software in a practical way.

All participants will be granted the software license for the time of the workshop and make all calculations individually, guided by a tutor.

Each participant receives a certificate of completion of the workshop on financial modelling of investment appraisals.

- Basic knowledge of Excel.

Results of the workshop
- you quickly become familiar with basic concepts and terminology used in capital budgeting
- you will know all performance indicators and how to analyze them
- you know how to create an investment calculation in Invest for Excel®
- you are able to perform capital investment analysis independently

- 3,5 hours including short 5min. breaks every hour

- 290 EUR/ participant. VAT is not included.
DataPartner's customers with valid maintenance services or subscriptions can attend free of charge.

More information:
E-mail: datapartner@datapartner.fi

Sep 29, 2022 10:00 AM in Helsinki

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