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The Hidden Science of Black Love
What is Black Love? Does this differ from any other type of love? And how would you know when you’ve found it? How would you feel? What about self-love? How important is it to love the person in the mirror? What effect is social media having on our ability to love ourselves?

All the above will be covered in this fascinating one-day event entitled: THE HIDDEN SCIENCE OF BLACK LOVE


What was the greatest love story ever told? How does Hollywood portray Black Love and what affect is this having on the next generation?
What is Quantum Entanglement? How does knowing someone’s Love Language improve your relationship with them?
This webinar will explore these questions and provide clarity on a very important subject.⁣⁣

Topics that will be discussed include:

Black Dating and Relationships
The Black Love Revolution
How Black Love is Portrayed in Media
The Importance of Self-Love
Love Languages
Quantum Entanglement
The Greatest Love Story: Ausar and Auset

Guest Speakers include:

Philippe SHOCK Matthews - The Philippe Matthews Show (straight from the USA)

DAVIS J WILLIAMS - Manhood Academy Global

LADY ADELE - Sister Ma'at

ANDREW MUHAMMAD - The Investigator

LEON MARSHALL - The Scientist

BMT STORIES - BlackManTime (Fusion + Poets)

Feb 27, 2021 03:00 PM in London

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