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AstroNights LIVE: The Seven Sisters
In November, we are treated to an exceptional view of the Pleiades, a seemingly unique grouping of stars near the constellation Pegasus. One of the most well-known phenomena in the sky, the Pleiades have inspired cultural stories around the world. In Greece, the stars of the Pleiades represented “The Seven Sisters”: the daughters of Atlas and Pleione. In Hawaii, the first appearance of these stars, known as Makali’i, marks the beginning of the new year. In Japan, they are called Subaru and signal a coming together and uniting. Today we know that the Pleiades are really a spectacular example of a star cluster. Is this type of grouping of stars really so rare, or common? What do they have in common with other celestial sights in the night sky: stars, nebulas, galaxies? And most importantly, how can clusters like the Pleiades help us better understand our universe? Explore these questions and more with AstroNights LIVE!

AstroNights is a live, family-friendly exploration of your night sky that you can join from the comfort of your home. View live on YouTube or join the Zoom Webinar for extra interactive features! Our educators leave audiences with simple advice for observing your real night sky when the program is over. From the colorful characters in our own solar system to the weird and wonderful things far beyond, each program is sure to contain something of interest to armchair astronomers of all ages. Monthly each 3rd Friday.

Nov 20, 2020 07:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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