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Introduction to Financial Hedging for LNG
This Introduction to Financial Hedging for LNG online interactive course is designed to allow participants to get an understanding of the basics of futures and options relevant to the LNG marketplace, and how these can be applied to an LNG hedging programme.

Participants are expected to have basic knowledge of the LNG value chain and be familiar with existing Sale and Purchase agreement terminology and existing pricing.

Course Outline:

What are futures and options?
The course starts out with an exploration of futures and options, looking to understand what they represent and the relevant markets that are available for use in the LNG business. This section will also review why we may want to hedge and to look at the difference between physical and financial hedging.

Fundamentals of Futures and Options:
This section will look at the underlying fundamentals of Futures, namely bid and offer prices and valuations of the different futures markets including proxy hedging of oil indexed LNG prices.

Hedging using futures
Delegates will understand how to hedge the European, US and JKM and Gulf Coast LNG prices using examples, including spread hedging between markets. These will be done in the context of LNG cargoes, looking at the different calculations required.

Hedging using Options
The delegates will be taken through examples to demonstrate how the options may be used in the different markets from simple price caps or floors to the use of collars. The section will also give an overview of how to use options in trending markets.

The class is interactive and live.


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@ 9:30 am in London
@ 12:30 pm in Dubai
@ 4:30 pm in Singapore

Course Duration: 2 Hours

2 CPD credits Industry Certificate

Aug 13, 2020 09:30 AM in London

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Edward Stock
Global LNG Expert
Edward Stock has over 20 years of experience in the commodity arena. Edward has worked in marketing, trading, operations and risk management, advising European and Asian companies on commercial aspects of strategy, risk control and hedging. His clients include major energy companies, banks and other industry participants. In addition to the consultancy business Ed was an Associate Course Director on a Global Energy MBA and lectured on Global Energy Markets. Edward has hosted numerous training courses around the world on subjects such as oil trading and hedging, energy trading and risk management, global LNG markets and European natural gas markets. Ed was Head of Trading and Operations for Wingas in the UK and previously was responsible for the gas purchasing and risk management of Total’s industrial and commercial gas supply business in the UK.