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AMALYZE Shield Features & Functions
In our LIVE webinar we will show you the latest functions & features of Shield and give you a detailed overview of all modules according to the latest releases before you book.

The showing of Shield lasts approx. 45 minutes and we have additionally planned 15 minutes for individual questions from you.

As we pass through AMALYZE Shield, we provide answers to the following topics:

- Everything about tariffs, users, usage, limits or restrictions
- Possible uses of Shield for Amazon sellers, vendors or agencies
- Connection to Seller Central, advertising API and our API interface Falcon
- Scope of available marketplaces, keywords and number of ASINs in Shield
- Information about traffic figures, search volume, purchasing power, sales figures
- What can Shield do in terms of product research, analysis & product monitoring?
- Find relevant keywords, track keyword rankings and improve listings
- Scope of Amazon KPIs you will find in Shield
- Complete analyses for entire brands, Amazon sellers or portfolios
- Tracking of Buybox changes, prices, Amazon content, reviews and ratings
- Evaluate Amazon customers' search intentions down to the last detail
- Amazon market observation via Keyword/SERP volatility
- Evaluate SPA campaigns, Amazon DSP retargeting and amazon consulting
- Our free training program and support capabilities
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