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Adopting Materials Through an Equity-Focused Lens: Designing an Instructional Vision
How does your vision of instruction drive the why and what of your adoption? An instructional vision helps to communicate the expectations for teaching and learning and creates a foundation for what the district considers effective instruction in a classroom. This vision acts as a guide through your adoption process and serves as a critical lens through which all potential materials are viewed. It will guide all decisions districts, school leaders, and teachers make about classroom experiences—such as instructional material adoptions and teacher professional development. In this webinar, you will hear from Dr. Todd Davis (Aldine, TX ISD) and Jesse Melgares (New Teacher Center) about how they tackled the creation of an instructional vision and how this work has impacted their materials adoption process. We will then share a tool to help your district develop its instructional vision.

Guests: Dr. Todd Davis (Aldine, TX ISD), Jesse Melgares (New Teacher Center)


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