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Go Beyond, navigating life beyond service.
In partnership with RSL Queensland, a six year research study was completed by the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation (GMRF) to investigate transition out of military service and psychological adjustment and cultural reintegration to civilian life. This study led to the development of the post-transition Military-Civilian Adjustment and Reintegration Measure (M-CARM).
This tool was the first of its kind to be developed and trialled within Australia and is a quick, valid and reliable method to assess adjustment and reintegration to civilian life following military service. www.m-carm.org
In May 2021, the companion, online self-directed learning program Go Beyond, Navigating life beyond service, was launched to support veterans in the areas relevant to improving their adjustment and reintegration to civilian life as identified through the M-CARM. The program is designed for any veteran who has transitioned out of Defence who may be having difficulty adjusting or simply might want to do a quick check on where they are at with their adjustment. www.gobeyond.org.au


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