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Entrepreneurs in Asia
Family offices and external asset managers are booming in Asia, especially HK, which has become one of the most important players in the Private Wealth market.

Join this event to find out the latest cutting edge structuring techniques and approaches to advising Asian entrepreneurs.

Structuring opportunities for 2nd and 3rd generation

In Europe, for the high-net-worth families, the wealth is already passed to 2nd and even 3rd generations (old money). In comparison in Asia, the settlors are relatively ‘young’. In recent years, it is observed that the wealth and family business is already taken up by 2nd generation who are at their 40s - 50s.

Structuring opportunities for young entrepreneurs, young family and hidden riches

Research shows that there is a significant pool of young entrepreneurs with hidden riches in the city who used to be under-served. The banks and asset managers are coming after them


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