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Tidbits for Note Investors
Join us every week at noon for in-depth discussions on a variety of Note investing topics led by non-other than the godmother herself, Saprina Allen, President of Main Street, and hosted by Joe King, Co-founder of Revival Brothers. All topics are pulled from weekly activities in our day-to-day businesses, bringing more meaning and relevance to our discussion Topics. This, along with case studies derived from hands-on experiences, make for one of the best learning environments around. And the best thing about it is it's free.

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The "Tidbits for Note Investors" webinar is a platform to share Note investing experiences. This weekly meeting covers issues, problems, and solutions found in the presenter's day-to-day business practices. Joseph King and Saprina Allen are experienced Note and Real Estate Investors; however, they are not financial, tax, or real estate advisories of any kind. This content is not intended as legal, specific financial, or investment advice. Nor is this content intended to address the objectives or needs of specific individuals. For legal, financial, or investment advice, please consult a qualified Real Estate Attorney, Financial Planner, Custodian, or Trustee


Joseph King
Co-Founder @Revival Brothers
As Co-founder and Director of Operations at Revival Brothers, Joe has been responsible for taking the company from a fix-and-flip rehab business into a real estate investment company, focused on acquiring and managing residential notes and off-market REO for passive investors through funds and joint ventures. When the company was first founded, Joe initiated the development of a predictive analytics tool that would become known as IPA (Ideal Property Analyzer), an excel analytics application designed to quickly access property values with two goals in mind; to mitigate risk and maximize returns. The development of IPA eventually led to the expansion of a new program designed to bring pre-analyzed, cherry-picked assets to buyers. Additionally, Joe has spearheaded the Revival Brothers mentorship and cashflow programs for investors and business owners. With the development of these new resources, he has created opportunity for all types of investors from passive to active.
Saprina Allan
President @Main Street Solutions
Saprina Hawkins-Allen has nearly two decades of investing experience in many facets of real estate and specifically debt collection portfolios. Her experience includes foreclosure, mortgage deficiency, Brokering notes, note buyer, servicing, compliance and even medical collections and more. Currently, she is employed by Main Street Asset Solutions in Reno Nevada, As the president. Noted and praised for her work on bringing humanity and compassion while working with delinquent loans, her motto has ever been: “every home has a heartbeat.” This has served her well as she is perhaps the nation’s leading bad mortgage restructuring negotiator and note servicing advisor. She is a mother and aunt and even a grandmother (though she doesn’t look it) and her family is her reason for her hard work and ambitious goal achieving.