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Z-Axis Interconnects – Game Changing Innovations
With this presentation, attendees will receive examples of how to solve many challenges associated with HDI, and other drilling constraints. Advanced methods to create a “Z-Axis” connection are being utilized in many applications. Transient Liquid Phase Sintering (TLPS) Materials, which is the use of copper sintering paste, i.e., Ormet® Paste Z-Interconnects instead of plating.

Attendees will receive understanding of how to solve the following challenges with drill & paste.
• Any Layer Via – no restricted usage, utilized on thin boards and package design.
• High Layer Count Boards - Unbuildable via hole aspect-ratio, used to join several sub-composites together, completely resolve high aspect ratio plating problems.
• Eliminates Controlled-depth Backdrilling requirement for high-speed signals, thus eliminating parasitic stubs, adding routing resources prohibited by backdrilling.
• HDI Boards (i.e., 4N4) 5 lamination cycles, 30-50 process steps per cycle, reduced to 2 cycles, significant fabrication process step reduction saves time and cost.
• Reduces Lamination Cycle Stress on material (Td) and via long term reliability.

Attendees will learn what it takes to successfully implement these concerns:
• Complex Solvability
• High-speed, RF and Thermal Performance
• Save Cost and Reduce Time while Improving Yield and Reliability


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