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People Strategy Forum
In this series, you'll find interviews with innovative people experts where we cover proven principles, strategies, and mindsets to attract, retain and reward your high-performing workforce so you can lead with confidence and be loved by your customers and employees.

The 90-minute forum is every Wednesday
- 9-10:30 AM Pacific Time
- 10-11:30 AM Mountain Time
- Noon-1:30 AM Eastern Time

Please join us this Wednesday for a conversation with a panel of top People Experts discussing topics including:

► André Blom – Modern Talent Management

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May 25, 2022 10:00 AM
Jun 1, 2022 10:00 AM
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Building a High-Performance Culture Post-Merger
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André Blom
André Blom is CEO and co-founder of the TMA-method, a talent method and approach for organizational and human capital development. The company was founded in the Netherlands and accomplished rapidly the market leadership position. Since 2011 he dedicates his efforts to enter the international scenery. Having a career in the Dutch Royal Marine Corps, studying social science/pedagogics and training recruits in the Dutch police force for 12 years developed a unique perspective on leadership and total talent management. Nowadays André works intensively on intercultural Talent development mainly on a global scale. Weaving together theory from social science/pedagogics, extended leadership experiences, best practice with personal anecdotes and observations from hundreds of international HR-business cases. André has found a way of clarifying what's at stake, how to align the interests of all stake and shareholders involved and how to get the best out of the true value of human capital.