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The Effect of the Coronavirus Pandemic on the Washington Region’s Economy
The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has ended the longest U.S. business expansion on record. Unlike prior business cycles, the Washington region’s economy is not disproportionately insulated from its effects. The effects will be most pronounced for service industries that rely on discretionary spending and those that have strong international ties, especially business that rely on international manufacturing.

The Stephen S. Fuller Institute at George Mason University recently completed a study analyzing the impact of covid-19 on the Washington region’s economy. In this webinar you will hear from the author of the study, Jeannette Chapman, director of the Fuller Institute. The session will cover the industries most heavily affected by the pandemic, the anticipated impact of the crisis on economic output, and factors to consider on the recovery side.

You will also hear from Alex Iams of the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority (FCEDA) on local, state and federal resources available to help businesses affected by the coronavirus emergency.

The Northern Virginia Economic Development Alliance, which includes the Fairfax County EDA and the economic development organizations from nine other jurisdictions in Northern Virginia, is pleased to present this webinar with partners: the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce, the Stephen S. Fuller Institute at George Mason University, and the Virginia Chamber of Commerce.


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