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Memory management in BIND 9
Users frequently ask questions about how to optimize BIND 9 memory usage, for the best performance with a 'safe' amount of overhead. This is an impossible question to answer! The truth is, every installation is different and the answers are platform-specific. So, you need to know how to measure memory usage on *your* platform, and how to adjust BIND memory usage if you need to.

How should you measure BIND 9 memory usage (Auth and Resolver)?
Why does BIND 9.16+ use more memory than older versions?
What is jemalloc and how does it help with BIND 9 memory usage?
What BIND features can you adjust to change BIND's memory usage?

Dec 15, 2022 06:00 PM in Universal Time UTC

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Carsten Strotmann
Carsten has over 20 years experience as a systems administrator and trainer for both DNS and DHCP systems.