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Webinar: How to become a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist while at home.
While the current Diploma training via webcast is underway, I thought it would be a great opportunity to answer your questions about our other key training format - the Online Diploma.

This our full practitioner diploma training but in a go-at-your-own pace format with pre-recorded lectures, 15 hours of tutoring, weekly group practice sessions.

Does that REALLY work as a training format?
Can that work for you as a training format?

Find out!

Join me and three of our recent trainees, and now graduates, as we discuss their experience of the Online Diploma format and answer your questions.

✅ What is included in the Online Diploma:

The extensive course materials

15 hours of 1-to-1 tutoring and coaching

Lots of practical experience as therapist and client

The evidence-based approach & curriculum

The assessment and qualification

How it prepares you to be a professional hypnotherapist

✅ We will also go through our accessible 6-month training schedule we have designed to give you a vision of how retraining and qualification is possible

✅ The fully accredited practitioner qualification you will receive - and the opportunities of the qualification

✅ Nicola, Ed and Mark Austin will tell you about their experience of the training, and how they have used and developed the skills gained in accordance with their own specialist areas and goals

✅ We’ll also discuss how the Online Diploma can work for you as a retraining option that is aligned with your values - and will give you rewarding opportunities both during and post-lockdown.
Helping people cope with stress and anxiety, be free of pain, find hope and connection, rediscover and uncover their strengths and purpose is deeply fulfilling.

✅ You’ll have the chance to ask Nicola, Ed, Mark Austin and myself (Lead Trainer and Director of the College) any questions you may have about the training course and career opportunities.
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