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Defense & Security 2021 Webinar Ep#3: Security in Space: Planet and AllSource Analysis Providing Value for National Security, Defense, and Intelligence
Organizations need to know where change is happening so that they can be agile and effectively respond to events.

Planet, in collaboration with partners like AllSource Analysis, has introduced exciting new “tip and cue” capabilities for monitoring change for national security, defense and intelligence.

Planet’s solutions for the Defense and Intelligence sector encompass always-on monitoring at medium resolution with rapid, high-resolution tasking to provide visibility into geopolitical events at the speed they develop. Combined with deep learning imagery analytics, these capabilities will enable you to identify and act on activity-based signals, previously difficult to discern. Build resilience and surpass your adversaries with fast and informed decision-making.

Planet data can be easily managed through targeted tip and cue workflows. A passive, high-frequency monitoring solution can generate the “tip” of a new event in a large area of interest that indicates where to task a high-resolution image, send on-the-ground field teams, or investigate further with our archive of global daily imagery.

With it’s always-on PlanetScope global imaging satellite constellation, Planet images the entire surface of the Earth nearly every day. Coupled with advances in machine learning and automated change detection, Planet can identify change and then task high resolution SkySat imagery for a closer look, providing disruptive new capabilities for global monitoring.

AllSource Analysis leverages the power of geospatial information, including Planet's high-resolution, high-cadence satellite imagery, to monitor key sites globally regardless of concealment efforts. The AllSource network of geospatial analysis experts leverages multiple streams of geospatial information to verify objects at key locations and provide finished geospatial intelligence for a global customer base.

Aug 11, 2021 10:00 AM in Bangkok

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Kenyon Waugh
President @AllSource Analysis
Kenyon has nearly 20 years of experience in the geospatial data, imagery, software and services industry. He has a history of leading companies with customer oriented subscription and SAAS business models enabling predictable high growth. Mr. Waugh was key in transforming and growing Spatial Energy’s revenue until it was acquired by DigitalGlobe in 2014. An entrepreneur by trade he also owns commercial real estate, a restaurant and WeeCasa Tiny House Hotel.
Thomas Harris
Director of Professional Services @Planet
Thomas Harris is Global Director of the Professional Services team at Planet, helping customers be successful with Planet's data and data services. Mr. Harris has over two decades of experience in customer success and the geospatial and remote sensing industry, having worked in startups and in large enterprise companies.