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How to supercharge your smart monitoring solution?
Smart cameras are now everywhere around us. What if we could make them even smarter - increasing operational efficiency, enabling smart spaces?
Join us to learn more about how A.I. Tech and AAEON can help supercharge your existing monitoring solution.

We'll be covering:
• Bringing intelligence into monitoring helps to streamline your existing monitoring system and reduce unexpected costs.
• Real-time situational awareness enables immediate action to deal with urgent circumstances.
• Extracts insightful information from cameras and helps your business cases with optimized AI solutions.
• Increase operational efficiency and safety.
• Flexible video analytic portfolio to fulfil your use cases.
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Owen Wei
AI & IoT Product Solution Manager @AAEON Technology B.V.
In his role as product solution manager, Owen works closely with partners within ecosystem to build AI & IOT solutions based on AAEON edge computing platforms. The evaluation in AI & IOT is not only about technology but also about business feasibility. Owen has worked with eco-partners bringing interesting solutions such as smart camera, smart surveillance, robotic and End to End AI training platform to the business world.
Alessia Saggese
Sales & Marketing Director @A.I. Tech
In her figure as sales & marketing director, Alessia is responsible for defining the commercial plan of the company, identifying the sales objectives and the strategies to achieve them, defining the reference target and the strategic partnership. She is also tasked with overseeing the innovation and improvement of the business’s product, to ensure that the product is constantly growing to suit the consumers’ needs.