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The ITAM Review Online Summit: Microsoft
Join the ITAM Review as we delve into Microsoft on Thursday, July 30th at 14:00.

Microsoft are a key vendor for most organisations and, as we’re just entering their new financial year, now is a great time to look back at the previous year - and also look ahead to what is coming.

We’ll look back at Microsoft’s recent financial results and consider what these can tell us about Microsoft’s current and future direction. Knowing where they’re likely to focus and which product areas they’ll look to drive can be very useful when planning out your roadmap, negotiating renewals, considering your future cloud strategy and plenty more.

We’ll also be reviewing key announcements from their partner conference, “Microsoft Inspire” (being held in July 2020) and discuss what these might mean for both Microsoft partners and customer organisations. We’ll also review some of Microsoft’s acquisitions and what they reveal about where they see the industry and their business heading – alongside this we’ll look at trends we’re already seeing emerging within Microsoft’s product portfolio as well as a look ahead to future technologies.


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