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Leveraging transaction monitoring in the battle against financial crime
Transaction monitoring has become a critical part of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures, helping to identify suspicious transactions to and from existing customers. However effective transaction monitoring can be a challenge for many Financial Institutions, from deciding on how much to automate the process to identifying the right technology and leveraging data sources to reduce the burden of false positives.

In this webinar our experts from NatWest, LHV Bank and ThetaRay will discuss:

- How transaction monitoring can act as an early warning system for Financial Institutions to prevent major crime before it happens

- What organisations should be measuring and how much should be manual or automated

- How joined up is the data from the point of onboarding and how it interplays with transaction monitoring data? Can it automatically trigger DD reviews for example?

- What good looks like and how to improve the effectiveness of transaction monitoring solutions


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