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DCS Webinar: Common data environments and interoperability
29th September 2020, 14:30 - 15.30, London

Common data environments and interoperability: Construction in the Cloud: Fact vs Fiction

In this session, we explore the facts and the fiction around construction data, the cloud and why a centralized environment is a critical element in any construction project, even more so now.


Tim Johnson, director of product marketing, Egnyte

Carole Filion, senior product marketing manager for construction, Egnyte

• Using common data environments (CDEs) to help project teams improve collaboration

• How CDEs bring together digital models and critical information together in real-time

• Using common standards, designs and definitions to help project stakeholders work together

• Interoperability solutions to allow different design and file formats to be accessed across different platforms

• Accessibility in low bandwidth

• Large files in the cloud

• Key Cloud security: how safe is my data?

• IT costs: affordable or exorbitant?


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