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A Reappraisal of 1915 - Morning session
'From Gallipoli to the Western Front: Sharing Military Knowledge and Experience in 1915' by Dr Aimee Fox

The paper will highlight the ways in which individuals and formations sought to share lessons and experiences between Gallipoli and the Western Front. Such experiences were disseminated via formal and informal means and included suggestions of new technologies and approaches. By exploring the transfer of knowledge and best practice, the paper will argue for a more nuanced view of how military knowledge was shared and operationalised (or not).

‘New Armies: New Officers'? by Dr Roger Pritchard

In the context of the fundamental problem of expanding the British Army so that it was capable of fighting a major continental campaign, the talk will look at the process of finding new officers during the first eighteen months of the War. It will focus on a single, line infantry regiment, the Glosters, and will examine the sources from which new officers were drawn, differences between categories of units - Regular, TF and New Army - and how far the process led to changes in the social composition of junior officers. It will conclude by summarising the problems faced and how these led to the important changes in the selection and training of junior officers introduced at the beginning of 1916.

‘Surviving to fight in 1915: A contemporary view of Britain’s rapid reaction to countering Gas Warfare’ by Rocky Salmon OBE MA

In this presentation he will examine how the rapid development of British counter-gas warfare capability in 1915 set the conditions for surviving the chemical threat through to 1918 and how that development still has relevance today.

May 1, 2021 10:00 AM in London

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