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7 Critical (And Growing) IT Security Threats EVERY Business Must Protect Against NOW To Avoid Cyber-Attacks, Data Breaches, Ransomware, Bank Fraud, Negative PR and Compliance Penalties
During this live webinar, Barb Paluszkiewicz and Mike Boon will reveal:

- When you get hacked - and it's inevitable that you will - what should you have in place now to truly minimize the damages and downtime to a minor inconvenience
- A number of serious and growing threats to your organization that can no longer be ignored or passed off as "That won't happen to me..."
- A SHOCKING truth about bank fraud that most businesses don't know about that could (literally) wipe out your bank account
- Why firewalls and antivirus software aren't enough anymore to protect your organization, and what you need to have it place to protect yourself in the "new normal"
- How working from home and cloud applications are seriously jeopardizing your organizations security and data protection - and what you need to do to protect yourself

Sep 24, 2020 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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