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Future of Low-Code Platform
Low-Code platforms promise to open up app and software creation to a wider audience. These platforms are designed to assist enterprises in developing and deploying apps without the need for a development or engineering team. Low-Code platforms are exactly what they sound like: they're platforms that don't require you to write any code. That implies you can make an app even if you have no experience with coding. They're similar to Shopify and WordPress in that they don't require any coding.

Although Low-Code solutions don't completely replace a developer in terms of functionality, they do allow developers to focus on more complex projects and are much less expensive than employing a new developer. Low-code/Low-Code solutions have the ability to shave 90 percent off development time. As a result, they effectively remove the need for a separate development and engineering team to create and deploy an app. Making improvements to the app on these platforms also becomes significantly more efficient.

To remain competitive today, businesses must invest in new approaches and techniques that enable them to innovate and change at the speed of the market. For many clients, digital became the primary medium in 2020. The demand for seamless omnichannel journeys and frictionless customer onboarding is greater than ever.

To further grow your understanding of the Low-Code platform and its benefits, and to realize why it is the best way forward, Group Futurista is hosting its “Future of Low-Code Platform”.


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