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Southeast Asia Connect Webinar | Why it takes a village to build a startup in Southeast Asia
In the last 5 years, we have witnessed the increasing relevance of startup initiatives globally. The likes of Station F in Europe, AIS The Startup, Sequoia Surge, and Antler, in Asia have thousands of startups combined that receive help in growing their companies. In China similarly, Chinaccelerator, operated by venture fund SOSV, has more than 140 startups in its portfolio.

The astonishing growth in the number of such initiatives worldwide from 200 in 2011, to well beyond 10,000 now (or 5 times now), proves that there is an increasing need for them in the making of a startup.

In this webinar, we speak with Keziah Quek from Capgemini Applied Innovation Exchange, and Janise Tan, who manages Google's Accelerator program in Southeast Asia.

Join us on the final episode of this year on Southeast Asia connect as we talk about:
1. Bridging startups and B2B enterprises, and how startups can win pilots with corporates
2. Working with local players in the ecosystem and enabling digital transformation
3. Ecosystem success stories

It's a celebration of the work that startup initiatives do to support these startups.


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