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A Prologue to the Future of America
2020 was meant to be one for the history books. And it has been – just not in the way anyone predicted! While we are still heading toward a monumental election, we are also contending with protests, riots, and economic turmoil, all amidst a global pandemic the likes of which we have never seen before.
To better understand what people think of what has been going on, and what’s potentially coming next, EMI Research Solutions and John Zogby Strategies partnered on a new series of reports called The Main St. / K St. IntelligenSEER.

Register for our upcoming webinar, A Prologue to the Future of America, to learn about some of the key insights from the IntelligenSEER report, what Americans are saying about current events, and the future.

In this webinar, you’ll discover insights on:
• American’s trust in science and vaccine mandates
• Opinions on a cashless society
• Trust in the leadership (in various levels) since the start of the pandemic
• Views on Black Lives Matter
• Current trust in the upcoming 2020 election and the results
• Views on how technology will play into the future workplace
• And much more!


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