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Gaining Ecosystem Advantage: Bunker Optimisation
Bunkers are the single largest and highly volatile operational expense for the shipping industry.


Efficient use of bunker and bunker costs are susceptible to performance-based improvements and have a direct impact on carbon emissions and the bottom line. Hence, aligning on a proper strategy and reducing those expenditures is critical for companies that want to create and sustain a competitive advantage.

One quick win would be to use technology to improve and optimize fuel consumption and purchasing.

 So, how can you adopt a more deliberate, strategic, and data-driven approach to bunker management with technology?

 Attend this webinar where Fernando Alvarez, Co-founder and CTO Bunker Metric, reveals how you can optimise your bunker procurement strategy while planning a voyage with a seamless and powerful integration between  Dataloy VMS and BunkerPlanner.

How can you align your bunker desk with your operations
Actionable demonstration of how the integration works replacing spreadsheets and paper-based processes
The data needed to scale, optimise, and forecast for future growth


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