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Best Practices in Life Sciences Translations
The life sciences translation market is a growing “niche” area. Despite a very volatile ever-changing regulatory climate, the attraction to work in this space is on the rise. The COVID-crisis has not necessarily affected all verticals and some might have even witnessed unexpected growth. For us, translation suppliers, the pie still seems to be big enough for all.

To you, who likes to increase their expert level of knowledge in life sciences translation and localization, or who likes to receive a refresher of the current state of affairs, the do’s and don'ts, this webinar will provide the necessary tools and best practices to further grow the life sciences group in your company and/or specialize in a certain vertical, such as medical devices versus pharmaceuticals or clinical.
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Clio Schils
Global Director of Life Sciences @CQ fluency
Clio has more than 25 years of experience in the life sciences translation industry on both the client and vendor sides. Starting her career at Medtronic, she moved to the translation supplier side with a focus on pharmaceutical, clinical and medical device translations. She has held several leadership positions in this space. For a period of 13 years, Clio organized and moderated the Life Sciences Business Round Table in the different geographies. In September 2016, she was elected as an Elia board member and in October of 2018 assumed the role of President.