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Panasonic Advanced Materials for High Speed, HDI and Flexible Printed Circuits
This webinar will review the newest member of Panasonic’s Megtron family of products, Megtron 7GN and the Felios R-F705S family of low loss adhesiveless flexible circuit materials.

Panasonic who has been the industry pioneer in the HSLL market segment with its Megtron 6 series product line. Recently Panasonic introduced the newest member of this family of products, Megtron7GN. Megtron 7GN has been developed for very low loss circuits that can be manufactured commercially for high layer PCB’s allowing for multiple lamination cycles while maintaining electrical, thermal and mechanical integrity. Megtron 7GN offers leading ultra-high-speed low loss HSLL performance with improved processing.

Flexible circuit growth globally is twice rigid and multilayer with dramatic growth planned for 5G applications and unique hybrid rigid flex design. The Panasonic Felios RF705S LCP flexible materials and R-BM-17 specialty low loss bond-plies have been developed to offer breakthrough performance for these segments. In the past manufacturing multilayer and rigid flex designs with LCP has been challenging to fabricators due to the difficult lamination cycles required to bond the layers together. The R-BM-17 low loss bond ply has significantly reduced this challenge with processing similar to legacy polyimide coverlay and bond-ply. In addition, the R-BM-17 material can also be used with Panasonic’s R-F775 polyimide flex materials to create a low cost HSLL flex circuit alternative.


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