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WATSON Webinar - COVID Learnings: 10 Silver Linings from a Year of Tough Lessons
Further to the recently released Eight Dimensions of Board Performance Framework, WATSON is presenting the complementary webinar: 10 Silver Linings from a Year of Tough Lessons.

To say that COVID-19 has been a game-changer is an understatement. Our work and our lives continue to be challenged by a virus that is highly resilient and adaptable. But guess what? So are we. As people, as leaders and as organizations, we have an uncanny ability to learn and to find new paths forward.

2020 was not just a year of COVID. It was a year of increased attention to systemic racism and commitment to change. A year of raised expectations around ESG and DEI for all organizations; of creative application of technology to our workplaces and to how we engage with customers; of showing ourselves that we can do just about anything differently when need; and of valuing moments and contacts we used to take for granted.

We’ve got lots of work to do as we continue to navigate COVID while also trying to move the needle on social justice, climate and other factors. We will share our reflections on what will help us get there, and we are eager to hear yours. We’ll cover a framework for what Boards should be focusing on now to learn from COVID and move forward through its long tail and beyond.

And we’ll share our top 10 silver linings, in the spirit of optimism and resilience, and invite you to share yours.

Join WATSON’s Practice Leads, Rachel O’Connor and Sharon Rudy, as they dive into what best-in-class boards are paying attention to today.

May 6, 2021 09:30 AM in Vancouver

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