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CROCODILE 3 Technical Workshop: National Access Points and the Implementation of Multimodal Travel Information Services
The CROCODILE corridor unites public authorities, road administrations and traffic information service providers of seven European Member States (AT, CY, CZ, HR, HU, IT, SI). The participants of the current CRORCODILE project – a continuation of two previous corridor projects – have committed themselves to cross-border data exchange and harmonization on different layers.

In this spirit of consultation and cooperation, CROCODILE organises Technical Workshops to support the exchange between the corridor participants and externals. Its aim is to highlight the progress of cross border coordination in Europe along with European legislation (ITS Directive & supplementing Delegated Regulations).

In this regard, the combination of modes is essential to instal sustainable mobility systems. The availability and accessability of multimodal data on the National Access Points is one key for multimodal services. CROCODILE partners, as well as other countries, focussed on the interfaces between the modes during the past years. In this workshop, they will present some of their best practice solutions.

Your benefits from participating in this webinar:
• Information on the strategic alignment and status of the implementation of the Delegated Regulation for Multimodal Travel Information Services within Europe
• Best practices on the implementation of Multimodal Travel Information services within different European countries and resulting experiences
• Learn more about the future perspective of the harmonisation of NAPs and NBs within the NAPCORE project

Nov 4, 2021 01:00 PM in Vienna

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