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The Energy Roundtable Webinar: The Case for Canadian Energy
The Canadian energy industry has weathered a highly turbulent several years by finding operational efficiencies, implementing new technologies and through consolidation. The sector is recovering – according to some in a big way – and positioning itself as a longer-term value play.

Home to 25% of the free world’s oil and with massive natural gas reserves, large-cap oil and gas producers have already reinvented themselves from growth-oriented explorers to dividend-payers. Smaller producers are consolidating so that they can profit down the road. Larger firms are also speeding up their own adaptations by diversifying into power renewables as Canada mulls a national electrification strategy. Value investors are coming into the sector as businesses demonstrate the ability to generate enduring free cash flow streams and deliver burnished ESG credentials.

This virtual event will gather a high-powered line-up of capital markets focused speakers from Calgary, Toronto and New York City to make the case for Canadian energy.


- Waqar Syed, Managing Director, Energy Technology & Services and Head of US
Institutional Research, ATB Capital Markets Inc. (New York)

- Cheree Stephenson, Chief Financial Officer, Topaz Energy (Calgary)

- Eric Nuttall, Partner and Senior Portfolio Manager, Ninepoint Partners LP (Toronto)

- Adam Waterous, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Waterous Energy Fund

Chair: Jason Langrish, President, The Energy Roundtable
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