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Resin Tints and Opaquers: Underutilized and Often Overlooked
Resin tints and resin opaquers are high chroma or highly opacified minimally filled flowable composites. They were designed to be used to modify the color and opacity of composite restorations in order to provide an optimal esthetic result.  Because they are not heavily filled, they must be covered or incorporated into a more durable composite. Historically, most dentists do not use resin tints or opaquers on a regular basis. It is the presenter’s opinion that the traditional scope of indications has been too small.

The purpose of this happy hour discussion will be to share several uses for resin tints and resin opaquers, and to justify why every esthetic restorative practice should have them in their armamentarium.

Learning Objectives:
Learn why resin tints and opaquers can and should be incorporated into every esthetic driven practice.
Learn how resin tints can be used to solve many esthetic problems and improve outcomes.
Learn how resin opaquers can be used to block out unwanted discolored sub-structures and allow for better value control.
Learn how resin tints can be used in complex restorative and implant cases.
Learn how simple and affective resin tints and opaquer techniques can be.

About the Presenter:
Dr. Bruce J. Crispin’s unsurpassed credentials and experience establish him as a world authority in reconstructive and esthetic dentistry. The focus of Dr. Crispin’s practice is on esthetic restorative dentistry. The scope of his practice includes conservative treatments to reconstructions and implants, as well as hygiene and maintenance for all patients. In addition, he has made it a personal goal to take interdisciplinary dental treatment to higher levels with new and creative techniques.

Dr. Crispin’s qualifications are in a class that few dentists can match. His education and teaching background plus his extensive practice experience make him a true expert in his field. Hundreds of dentists annually attend his lectures or train at Esthetic Profession

Mar 23, 2023 07:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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