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Rent-to-Own Webinar Series - Session 2: Analysing different models of Rent-to-Own
Join our expert panellists for sessions to assess the challenges and benefits of Rent-to-own when and how it should be implemented, the funding regulatory and legal frameworks, as well as sources of financing.

Session 2: 12pm -1pm GMT/ 2pm-3pm CAT – Wed 17th August - Analysing different models of Rent-to-Own
Understand the different models of RtO and the challenges, opportunities and risks to be aware of for each, as well as the implications for operational management.

Session 3: 1pm-2pm GMT / 3pm-4pm CAT- Thurs 8th September – The financing and legalities of Rent-to-Own
Guest speakers Andrew Cowan and Nick Billingham from Devonshires will provide a detailed overview of financial and legal considerations for different RtO models, covering all arrangements with an element of rent initially and ownership at a later date.

Session 4: 12pm-1pm GMT / 2pm-3pm CAT- Thurs 21st September – Rent-to-Own Case Studies from Africa and beyond
Our final session will bring together a panel of practitioners around the world to discuss with Olu Olanrewaju and Derek Joseph their experiences of RtO and share lessons learned.


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