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Beyond Covid-19: Keeping my customers and finding new ones in this climate
The Covid-19 Pandemic has shutdown broad swaths of industries, displacing workers, disrupting supply chains, and causing a significant contraction of the US economy during the first quarter of 2020.

What must companies do to successfully engage with current clients to maintain revenue streams without being able to jump on a plane, conduct client visits, or host a business dinner? How do we conduct business development and meet new clients if we’re not attending events to network and pitch ideas?

Does the forced shift to digital engagement present an opportunity to find new customers and find ways to deliver value to existing ones? Are there new ways to engage in-person?

Topics include:
• Deliver greater value and engagement online
• Engage your current customers digitally
• Test new in-person meeting formats
• Identify and trial new customer segments
• Develop marketing and social media campaigns that have true impact to your business
• Create new channels to market and adapt your products and services to reach new audience for continued growth

Panelists include:
--David Goldberg, President and CEO, Cadence Education
--Augie Ray, Vice President, Customer Experience, Gartner Research
--Benjamin Portman, President, Orpheus, Inc.


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