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From Standards To Solutions: Winning Over Consumers by leveraging on Data & Innovative Solutions
By now, many businesses have adopted new practices and are adapting to the new normal. It does not stop here. Brands must continue to analyse and utilise important data and adopt innovative solutions to emerge stronger after any crisis.

The demand of needed goods in the market during crisis such as this COVID-19 has seen a surge of counterfeit products ranging from household products, hygiene-related products to medicines and pharmaceutical devices. The smart consumer’s trust in brands and products is built on complete and accurate information. Counterfeit and false information not only damages a brand’s reputation, but also compromises consumers’ safety and quality of life.

Both retailers and brand owners can drive better business outcomes by leveraging on real-time, end-to-end sensing for analytics and insights at various points of sales. Optimised sales and improved operational efficiencies coupled with accurate and authentic product data, can drive businesses to achieve new levels of growth.

Join this webinar to find out how you can tap on innovative solutions to drive business growth by protecting your brands against counterfeits, enhance customer trust and leverage on data as your business intelligence tool to help make better business decisions.

• Introduction
• Turn uncertainty into opportunities – Fight against counterfeit
• Riding the Digital Wave in Retail - Data Analytics Retail Solution
• Q&A

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