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Concussed Moms Patient Support Group
The Concussed Moms Patient Support Group is for mothers navigating the unique challenges presented by motherhood and concussion recovery. Moms with children of all ages are welcome.

Join us to share your experiences, ask questions, connect with other Concussed Moms, and connect with resources. Groups will begin with a spotlight on an individual Concussed Mom's experience before opening up the group for general discussion.

Group membership is confidential and requires adherence to participation policies and norms to ensure a safe and productive space for all participants.

Note: CLF’s support groups only provide space for interpersonal connection. CLF’s support groups will not provide medical or mental health care, nor will they be a substitute for group therapy or professional medical, mental health, legal, or financial advice.

To learn more about CLF and our Peer Support Programs, visit: https://concussionfoundation.org/peer-support
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Allison Moir-Smith
Allison Moir-Smith is a Concussion Activist, spreading #concussionawareness through art, public speaking and Instagram. https://www.concussionrecoveryart.com/