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Virtual Dissection: The Lumbo-sacro-iliac chamber
Friday, Nov 20th • 16:00 GMT • 60 mins • Join Karen K and Jo Avison around the digital cadaver for an hour peeling back the layers to see continuities through the lumbo-sacro-iliac region. We'll discuss how this impacts movement and best practice guidelines for teachers. 45-minute presentation + 15 minutes of Q & A

Session Aim:
Appreciate the continuity from girdle (pelvis) to spine


• Bony structure
• Key muscles, ligaments & tissues
• labrum
• Joint capsule
• Fascial continuities
• Spiral organisation
• nutation/counternutation
• Foundations of the “Spinal Engine” (Gracovetsky)

Nov 20, 2020 04:00 PM in London

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