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[NSCC Webinar Series] Pandemic-Proofing Society


Nov 19, 2020 09:16 AM

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Dr. Kang Chang Wei
Deputy Director, Fluid Dynamics Department @Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC), A*STAR
Dr KANG Chang Wei is the Innovation Lead for Green Technology for Marine, Offshore, Oil & Gas (MOOG) to promote cross-cutting initiatives that integrate IHPC competencies and department strengths in the field of MOOG sector. Over 15 years of working experience in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for research and industry, he led and/or involved in numerous projects in the field of green shipping (e.g. hull form optimisation, emission control, ballast water treatment), manufacturing process (e.g. thermal spray, cold spray, shot peening) and sustainability (e.g. data centre, renewables, aquaculture). Specially for this year, he is leading a team of computational scientists with fluid dynamics expertise to develop advanced computational modelling of airflow and airborne droplets dispersion. The team has developed, verified and used the model to understand how droplet in-flight characteristics and their final destination are affected by a range of factors and interdependent interactions.
Mr. Karthik Sundarraj
Technical Manager, Indo-Pacific @Hexagon, MSC Software Corporation, Singapore
Mr. Karthik Sundarraj is an expert in Experimental and Computational Fluid Dynamics specialised in the areas of High-speed flows and aerodynamics with special interest in Electro-thermal and Bio-medical research. Karthik has the perfect combination of an experienced researcher, a successful academician and an emerging technology strategist. Karthik now works as the Technical Manager, Indo-Pacific at Hexagon | MSC. In his role, Karthik is responsible for the Technical and Business Development activities of CFD Solutions and also handles Academic, skill development and transformational business initiatives. Karthik holds a Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering from Brunel University and Bachelors in Industrial Engineering. He has recently submitted his Doctoral research thesis in high speed flow physics using experimental and computational methods.