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Denome: AI based transcriptome analysis
In the last decade, researchers employed RNA-sequencing and microarrays technique to understand the overall picture in transcriptomic changes. RNA-sequencing has a great advantage as it provides genome-wide expression analysis and identifies differentially expressed genes and/or isoforms between different samples. However, RNA-seq experiments are costly and time-consuming, rendering it infeasible for routine gene expression analysis or when a researcher needs to monitor gene expression frequently in a time-course experiment. Furthermore, a certain degree of bioinformatics competency is required when analysing the output to make sense of the data generated, raising the entry requirement further for wet-lab researchers. Moreover, there are many analysis algorithms/software currently in use for RNA-seq analysis which inadvertently adds a further layer of complexity and inconsistencies to the data analysis.

At Denome Technologies, we aim to empower every researcher with the ability to perform genome-wide expression analysis. Denome Technologies qPCR kits include a series of gene primers specifically to quantify “Denome Core Genes” that researchers run in any RT-qPCR machine and upload the raw data to cloud-based secured servers to be analysed by Denome prediction algorithm. Denome prediction algorithm uses RT-qPCR results as an input and predicts the expression of 8000 genes with over 90% accuracy. In contrast to a RNA-seq experiment which generally takes 3-4 weeks and requires advanced bioinformatics capabilities, this kit allows rapid and accurate generation of gene expression data for everyone within a couple of days.

Sep 18, 2020 02:30 PM in Singapore

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