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Webinar: Monitoring services with ARGO
ARGO is a lightweight service for Service Level Monitoring designed for medium and large sized Research Infrastructures. Services are monitored with probes compatible with flexible and widely adopted Nagios plugin format. Besides basic availability checks, services can be monitored by emulating typical user scenarios that allows to derive the quality of service the actual user gets. 

ARGO offers near real-time status updates which allow both end-users and site admins to have an overview of the services offered at any given point in time via a web user interface and via enriched email notifications. ARGO generates custom Availability and Reliability reports based on the aggregated monitoring data. The rich monitoring data collected in ARGO service is actually stored in a highly flexible big data friendly form using state-of-the-art computational pipelines and formats. This provides the ability to reuse & analyze the data in different ways such as to highlight service usage patterns and provide a number of trends and insights.

In this training session we are going to show the process we follow to monitor a new service with ARGO. In addition, the real time computations and the results via the alerts, API and UI will be shown.

ARGO is a service jointly developed and maintained by CNRS, GRNET and SRCE.
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