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Movement, Mindfulness & Meditation
Please join me, Lisa Brisse, Exercise Physiologist, Wellness Heart Coach & Founder of State of the Heart Fitness for this Donation-based Online class called Movement, Mindfulness & Meditation.

Because this class is online, you can join in no matter where you are in the world! And if you can't join at the actual time, sign up anyway because it will be posted for a week after and you can watch and participate anytime!

In this class, I will educate and lead you through various movement with mindful awareness (tuning into the body and becoming aware of your thoughts) and meditation to practice calming our mind so that we can stand in the power of our own presence. When we are present, we are calm, grounded, centered and we do this by training our mind to work FOR us, not AGAINST us.

Through meditation, we bring the heart, mind, body and soul in alignment with the present moment. In other words, we become a master of ourselves and our life!

Please join in! And if you find this experience is of value to you, I invite you to make a donation. It is helping me to rebuild my life after a cancer diagnosis in August of 2019. I am happy to say my amazing body has healed naturally, but it has required the deepest inner work on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels. The body only reflects where we are in or out of balance. I was out of balance and my being experienced dis-ease. But through the deep work and reflection, I have been healing myself and bringing myself back into balance and back into ease.

So thank you in advance if you feel it in your heart to donate... $5, $10, $15, whatever... ! Here is the link:

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