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Diversity Challenged? How can we build fintech ecosystems that drive transformation and accelerate inclusion? And why it matters!
Just 6% of fintechs in Latin America, the Middle East & Africa are founded by women, rising to 15% in Europe. How do we challenge the status quo - and change it?

In a live webcast hosted by findexable and Chargebacks911 & Fi911 we explore diversity in fintech firms to ask how the industry is engaging with the challenge of diversity. And the steps needed to drive change.

Using data from the Fintech Diversity Radar of 1,000 of the largest private market fintech firms globally and insights from in-depth interviews with financial service providers, the session will be looking at what steps organisations are taking to become more diverse, the challenges at driving progress - and the opportunity to change as the world pulls out of the pandemic.

Finclusivity is a mind-field
It’s often about more than just numbers - mindset and culture have a huge role to play in enabling change. In a recent survey of men 88% wanted to help women advance their careers - yet over half of them weren’t sure how to help.

Join us on 28 July for a passionate discussion, global insights and a sneak peek into the data we’re compiling to build the world’s first global indicator of diversity across the fintech ecosystem.

Questions we’ll be exploring
- How are fintech firms responding to the diversity challenge?
- Is diversity something that fintech firms are actively working to improve?
- Does slow progress on building a diverse fintech ecosystem matter?
- What are the characteristics of organisations that are able to ‘push the needle’?
- Post pandemic how should be build industries that are fit for the future?
- How can men contribute to improving women’s representation across fintech?

Jul 28, 2021 04:00 PM in London

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