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Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned: Using “P.E.S.O” To Increase Sales and Grow Your Business
What’s the best way to market and grow your business (social media, email, SEO, advertising, etc.)in today’s cluttered digital world? And how can you make it work for you on your terms? The PESO framework (Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned) is how.

In this workshop for creative entrepreneurs, we’ll teach you the PESO framework and how to use it on behalf of your business. For 90 minutes you’ll learn a new way to think about and market your business so that you can increase sales and grow.

Outcomes For Participants:
A clear understanding of the “P.E.S.O” framework and how to use it for your business
The ability to identify and use your strengths, skills and abilities to within the PESO framework to reach your marketing and sales goals
The ability to prioritize what works best for your business to reach/convert customers
Reduced personal bandwidth and resource strain relating to running your business.

Workshop Outline
Understanding PESO from your perspective as a customer
PESO defined and framework discussed
“Paid”, “Earned”, “Shared” and “Owned” explored w/examples
Examples of how businesses apply the framework in their marketing
Applying the PESO framework to your business
Measuring results
Q&A an

About 3pts
3pts ("Three Points") is a platform that empowers creative entrepreneurs with confidence, clarity and direction to run and grow a successful business. We provide guidance, resources and community to help creative entrepreneurs overcome challenges and build thriving businesses.

About Kim Robinson
I help creative entrepreneurs develop and grow their business. My passion is connecting with, understanding and helping others build the business of their dreams. It’s been the story of my life and 14-year career as a business development consultant, strategist, marketer, coach and multi-tool professional in creative industries.

Apr 27, 2023 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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