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De-risking Renewable Energy Investments: Risks at the Margin
Any developer of renewable energy projects faces a broad range of challenges and risks. Once they believe that they have mastered, controlled or mitigated most of the risks, they will start the search for the capital for investment that is needed to implement the project. If they are not familiar with the expectations and requirements of potential investors, lenders, insurers, and guarantors, however, they may be in for surprises and frustration.

This webinar, the first of a series, provides an overview of the underlying risks that investors and lenders usually review and that can cause a project to fail if not addressed properly. The webinar will demonstrate how risks and the perception of these risks will affect the “bankability” of projects, increasing financing costs. The webinar will also provide a brief introduction to risk mitigation instruments, which will be covered in more detail during the other webinars in the series.

This webinar is rooted in experiences on the ground and will provide multiple examples and short case studies that will bring these otherwise abstract risk concepts to life. It is open to all for registered participation. For any questions, please contact Sarah Blanford at sblanford@usea.org.

Jun 24, 2021 06:30 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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