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Avoiding the pitfalls of Removable Prosthodontics in General Practice
A webinar covering the areas that commonly cause problems in removable prosthodontics when treating patients in general practice. Strategies to make the process less stressful and produce better outcomes.

1. Recognising Issues that arise in delivering Removable Prosthetics in practice.
2. Understanding how common problems make treatments difficult.
3. Being able to assess cases before starting treatment.

1. Gaining confidence in using simple techniques to produce reliable outcomes of each stage of treatments.
2. Develop an understanding of how to avoid common issues that arise in each clinical stage.
3. Knowing when not to take on cases that might be too ambitious.

Jan 26, 2022 07:00 PM in London

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Mike Gregory
Part time Clinical Lecturer and General Practitioner. @Evolve Dentistry, Portishead, Bristol, University of Bristol
Dr Mike Gregory is relatively unique in being qualified as a dental technician and a Dental Surgeon. He’s been teaching removable prosthetics since 1980. Since 1993 he’s been a part clinic lecturer at Bristol University Dental School. In addition he lectures at a postgraduate level on a number of the Foundation Dental Schemes in the South West and Wales and well as running a number of courses each year for The Southwest Postgraduate Deanery. In addition he practices part time in general practice restricted to Removable Prosthodontics.