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Racial Injustice and Responsibility
When it comes to historical violence and contemporary inequality, none of us are completely innocent. Join moderator Dr. Henry Theriault to examine the legacy of racial violence and inequality from post-emancipation to the present and the responsibility of non-perpetrators of historical and contemporary violence in sustaining systemic injustice, domination and racism.

Dr. Theriault is President of the International Association of Genocide Scholars and Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs at Worcester State University.

His expertise is in genocide and human rights studies, and his research focuses on reparations, victim-perpetrator relations, genocide denial, genocide prevention, and mass violence against women and girls. He is founding co-editor of the peer-reviewed Genocide Studies International (International Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies and University of Toronto Press) and was recently named co-editor of Transaction Publishers’ Genocide: A Critical Bibliographic Review. From 2007 to 2012 he served as co-editor of the International Association of Genocide Scholars’ peer-reviewed Genocide Studies and Prevention, and was guest editor of the International Criminal Law Review special issue on “Armenian Genocide Reparations” (14:2, 2014), and the Armenian Review special issue on the “New Global Reparations Movement” (53:1-4, 2012).


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