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Exploring Insights and Tools from Multiracial Experiences in Higher Education: Contesting Knowledge, Honoring Voice, and Innovating Practice
This webinar highlights how the experiences of diverse Multiracial students, staff, and faculty can enhance our understanding of systemic oppression, social identity, exclusion and belonging, and institutional change. Drawing on chapters from each of the three sections of the book, the volume editors and select contributors provide concrete examples of constructs and tools that can be used in DEI efforts across multiple areas of campus life and illustrate how knowledge gleaned from Multiracial experiences can advance inclusion and social change for all people. This session uses presentation, storytelling, and an interactive question and answer segment.

Leading discussion will be co-editors Marc P. Johnston-Guerrero and Charmaine L. Wijeyesinghe. Participating authors will be Nick Davis, Chelsea Guillermo-Wann, and Maxwell Pereyra.
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